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Added tons of work in progress images to the Images page. Check them out! I also put on there my show case image that will be going to print for our showcase brochure at the beginning of May. I thought it came out ok, I wish I had more time to develop it some more but everyone else seemed to really like it a lot.


Yesterday my composer Cheryl sent me her first rough draft of a music composition for my piece. It was awesome! I am still listening to it to try and figure somethings out since it is just a draft but I know this will definitely help sell my piece thanks to her. I am still working away at putting final touches on the space port and working on modeling some of the buildings that will be animated later on. I am hoping to find a current student or alumni that can help me animate these buildings. Other wise I may not sleep til May!

I finally have put together a well timed out animatic for my piece. Even though I have been working on other parts of my thesis I have yet to have the chance to put it all together to take a look at it. Right now the cameras are all still WIP as I get some better angels and movements for the fifth scene. You can find the animatic in the videos section!

Yep still alive! I updated my unloved journal finally. It is missing a lot of great information that I really wanted to write down, but my lack of time has caused me to miss out in writing it all down. For now you can check out what I updated in it and will try my best to update it at least weekly! If I remember what I wanted to talk about I will update it again. This semester has been hard and fun at the same time. Lots of CADA events and hard work in the labs this semester. More to come hopefully!

Images and document updates to come soon! (end of week hopefully!) This will be for midterm deliverable. My mid term presentation will be on March 25th right after spring break. 🙂

A few weeks into the semester now and one critique down already. It is very hard to believe that we are all well into the month of February… It is exciting and frustrating at the same time. So far I have been re-modeling my topo’s for my main Mars scene, reconfiguring my story a little so that it tells the story better but also allows for me to showcase my focus for my thesis. I do not want to short either of these but that may come with some lack of sleep. I am beginning to re model some buildings and the new space ship DX-02 which will showcase the transformation and growth of the buildings better. (hopefully! haha)

I have updated the final binder to include the final comments from last semester and organized it a little bit better, along with added a few additional sketch images that I have been working on. I will keep adding more in as I scan them in. I am trying to make a personal task to keep charge on my hours of work on my thesis and maintaining proper documentation for everything.

This is the first week of the Thesis semester for me! In this semester it will be entirely dedicated to my thesis at NYU’s Digital Imaging and Design program in CADA. My thesis is the N.Ex.T. Project which sends us into the year 2076, the Earth is dying and the human race is fighting extinction. I will have 3 months approximately to complete this short piece and graduate at the beginning of May. My technical focus for the piece will be modeling and texturing. During the course of the semester I plan on updating this blog regularly and keeping what I am doing on the project well documented as I believe that this will become a very good example of a production process that I can learn and apply to when I get into the field.

The end of the semester has finally come to a conclusion… with all the craziness finally dying down with the semesters finals and end of holiday season, I have updated just about everything on this blog for my thesis that I have done thus far for the Fall 2009 semester. I hope that you enjoy everything that I have put up! Check out all the images and documents to dive into my project! I am looking forward to a successful thesis semester at CADA as my time comes to a close and will have to open a new chapter in my life!

Happy New Year everyone!

Finally I have added in the animatic for my thesis. You can find it under the Videos page on this site.

I also updated the last page of my story board. I made a better sketch of my last frame where the camera angle is lower, just slightly above eye level. With this weeks add ins I also created a gantt chart for my thesis for next semester. The chart starts somewhat this semester and in the winter break as I will need this time to complete my thesis to the level that I want it. This also runs along with my assignments for completeing a style frame for pre-production and lighting and rendering class for boaz’s final project.

To all that is interested, I have updated my journal entries to the latest entry yesterday. I feel that this thesis project is getting bigger and bigger even though I am trimming a lot of fat out of the initial content.

With that said only means more revisions! I have updated the Visual Script, Task List and have included my initial draft of my proof of concepts all in the Thesis Documents section. Look for my animatic to be loaded hopefully by the end of this week! I think I will finally have it to the point where it is viewable and cohesive to my message. 🙂


**additional update: I apparently never made a space for my story boards! whoops! I have posted them in the images section.

I had the chance to add in some of my images from my mid term review. They are in the Images page, I will continue to add and expand this section throughout the semester.

I also updated my production journal entries. Enjoy! Now back to work…